What We Do

  • Winter Coaching Project

    In the Winter of 2010-11, KEI Kashmir successfully conducted winter coaching sessions for students of 8th, 9th, and 10th grades in the Universit
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  • Pilot Project: Tuition Sponsorship

    In the academic year 2007-2008, KEI sponsored the tuition of 19 meritorious, but financially deserving children in Kashmir, India. After the stu
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  • Lecture Series: Organizing Expert Lectures in Kashmir

    KEI has organized expert lectures at the University of Kashmir, Government Medical College and National Institute of Technology - all located in
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  • High School Scholarship Program[HSSP]

    This is the flagship KEI project - providing financial support and mentorship for bright school kids on a merit plus need basis. After successfu
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  • Excellence in Science Scholarship for Graduate Studies

    Instituted in 2010, the KEI Excellence In Science Scholarships (KEISS) award was created to encourage academically meritorious and financially d
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  • S1S- High School (SIS-HS)

    Background Sponsor-1-Scholar, or S1S, was initiated as a Pilot Project in 2012 and received significant positive response from donors, who are e
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  • Transition Year Scholarship Program [TYSP]

    Through TYSP immediate assistance is provided to existing KEI high-school scholars towards their professional college entrance examination coa
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  • Mentorship Program

    Through our mentorship program we pair High School Scholarship Program scholars [mentees] with successful individuals [mentors] from varied educa
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  • Experiential Opportunities Program

    This program organizes activities such as workshops that give students hands on experience with journalism, videography, fine arts, environment
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  • Post Graduate Scholarship Program [PGSP]

    KEI- Post Graduate Scholarship Program [KEI-PGSP] is offered by Kashmir Education Initiative on an annual basis and was started in 2012-13. This
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  • Pre-doctoral Scholarship Program [PDSP]

    KEI-PDSP is a merit  based  program through which scholarships will be offered to academically outstanding students that are studying at Master’
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  • S1S-Transition Year [S1S-TY]

    Background S1S-TY will help in sponsoring scholars from Transition Year Scholarship (TYS) Program. TYS caters to need of meritorious scholars
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  • S1S-Predoctoral Level [S1S-PD]

    Background S1S-PD will help in sponsoring scholars from Pre-Doctoral Scholarship (PDS) Program. PDS Program Scholars are enrolled with KEI for
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