Clone of Maheen Akram

Maheen Akram, with a nondescript background, was guided by KEI to scale heights to join International Baccalaureate (IB) programme at the world renowned United World Colleges, at its Pune campus after she passed her 10th from Kashmir. Maheen is currently in the final year of her IB programme. She was awarded a scholarship worth INR 2.8 million during the programme to cover her tuition, boarding, lodging and other expenses for two years. As she will be finishing the programme in June 2016, she has already received admit card for under graduation in Wellesley College at  B o s t o n , USA and awaded scholarship too. This is a matter of great pride for KEI. KEI always believes in providing help in whatever way to deserving boys and girls to see their dreams come true and also help guide the prospective candidates to explore and compete for the career avenues which remain largely untapped by the Kashmiri youth.