Kashmir Education Initiative is grateful to the support and sponsorships of the following organizations.


Online test prep provider Magoosh! donated GRE preparation courses to all 8 of our 2015 PDS scholars. 

Cultures Of Resistance

Cultures of Resistance Network Foundation is sponsoring 15 scholars through our Sponsor1Scholar- High School Program (S1S-HS). 


iQuasar has provided IT development and support services free of charge as part of their Community Services programs. Their sister concern Musky Software provided seed funding for the winter coaching project in 2010-2011. 


UPrinting, under its UCommunity Program, printed KEI informational brochures free of charge in 2011 and 1012.

Miazan Infotech

Miazan Infotech has partially donated their web development services in building the current KEI website.

Aligarh Alumni Association

AAA has sponsored 20 KEI scholars in the High School Scholarships Program.

Mir Family Foundation 

Funded a project worth $10,000 for relief work in education sector post 2014 floods in Kashmir.

Federation of Aligarh Amumni Association -USA

Donated $1000 towards KEI post 2014 flood relief operations in education sector.




Click here for a list of organizations that we have collaborated with.