Sponsor 1 Child


Sponsor1Child, or S1C, was initiated as a Pilot Project in 2012 and received significant positive response from donors, who are encouraged to sponsor full or portions of educational expenses of a child in KEI’s High School focus group. Starting 2013, S1C has been upgraded from the pilot phase to a full continuing project. The program beneficiaries are academically brilliant children who lack financial support to continue their education and as a result may drop out from schools. S1S-HS will be from already selected scholars through High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) excluding those who are in the 9th grade. These children are selected after a well defined screening process whereby academic performance, student's unique abilities, and individual financial needs are taken into consideration.

Once a donor signs up to sponsor a student, the KEI team matches and assigns a student (KEI Scholar) to a sponsor. Sponsors are provided all relevant information regarding his/her sponsored child and also periodic update on how the sponsored scholar is progressing. Performance reports are sent every six months. KEI keeps the donors fully engaged with the scholars so that sponsors know how their donations are being utilized and making a real difference in the life of a child - one scholar at a time.

Cost to a donor depends on whether they sign up for full or partial sponsorship as well as on the grade level of the child. Sponsors can either act as full sponsors or partial sponsors and will have an option of making one time payment or in monthly installments.

Sponsorship Options

You can choose to sponsor a scholar in 10th, 11th or 12th grade, at one of two levels; Full sponsorships cover the full cost of tuition as well as supplies (books, uniforms etc) for one student while partial sponsorships cover either the tuition or the supplies.

Full sponsorship

  • $55/month covers tuition, books, uniform, transportation 

Partial sponsorship

  • $30/month covers tuition or books, uniform, and transportation


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