Pre-doctoral Scholarship Program [PDSP]

KEI-PDSP is a merit  based  program through which scholarships will be offered to academically outstanding students that are studying at Master’s level in the different Universities/ Institutes in Kashmir.
KEI-PDSP replaces our existing program KEISS which was limited to science stream. The award will assist the students in exploring the possibility of receiving their M.S/ Ph.D. in United States. The award will have the financial and informational support components. 


  • a. KEI will cover the cost of GRE and TOEFL entirely and fund the application fee of five universities.
  • b. Selected scholars will also be registered for online GRE courses. The students will have to essentially take these courses and get good scores before they appear in the actual GRE/ TOEFL tests.
  • c. Besides the financial assistance required for the GRE, TOEFL, and applications fees that  are needed for applying to the US universities, the awardees would be attached to a mentor who is a specialist in the field. The students will be guided through the entire application process.


Scholars for PDSP are selected by scoring  them in following fields:

  • a. Initial screening on basis of merit scored in qualifying and graduating grades.
  • b. Full review of complete CV and Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • c. GRE- style test.
  • d. Interview.

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