The K.E.I. Community

KEI is supported by a global community of people who care about Kashmir and the education of its youth. We are fortunate to have volunteers, donors, and well-wishers from all parts of the world.

KEI started in 2007 in the USA. Every year, we host outreach and fundraising events in many places including Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington DC. Donors from many places around the world give online on this website, and through all kinds of channels like corporate matching programs, Google OneToday, and Amazaon Smile. Our facebook community now includes many thousand well wishers. Our scholars inspire us. Our directors and executive work without compensation. Partner organizations share their skills and resources. Our volunteers and interns come from both Kashmir and around the world, bringing their knowledge and energy with them.

KEI exists because of this coming together. You can donate or volunteer, and join this effort, or contact us if you would like to learn more.