Quality education for Kashmiri students

Kashmir Education Initiative (KEI) is a non-governmental organization that works for the cause of education in Kashmir. We provide financial support and mentoring to hundreds of Kashmiri students each year.

While centuries of history have been tough on the people of Kashmir, the last several decades have been particularly brutal. Far from keeping pace with progress in the broader region and the world, local infrastructure and institutions are broken or have developed visible cracks. A severe toll has been extracted by decades of political instability as well as by physical and psychological violence that affects the entire population including children and youth.

An unusual human situation like this demands sustained and directed effort if there is to be any hope of recovery and progress. KEI was born in 2008 with the vision that every student in Kashmir should have access to quality education. This case for focus on education was easily made. It is difficult to think of anything else that is so relevant to the situation of the young – the population that is most affected by a cruel shifting of the normal, and yet is most capable of pulling out of it.

Education can be transformative for the individual and, if multiplied enough times, a force for collective transformation. All of KEI’s work is with children and youth – the KEI scholars. We try not to dwell on the difficulties but rather to do all we can for a meaningful today and a better tomorrow. KEI wants to bring empowering experiences into the lives of our scholars and wants every Kashmiri student to have faith that a positive and meaningful future is not only possible but also within reach, if the effort is made.