Amin Bhat

Amin Bhat is a senior business and information technology executive with international business experience and background in Information Technology, Sales and Marketing, HR and Recruitment, Humanities, and Hospitality. Amin is the co-founder of iQuasar, an Information Technology Consulting company based in Northern Virginia outside of Washington D.C. His 20-year industry experience includes positions such as Director and Vice President of Business Development & Talent Acquisition. At iQuasar, Amin is responsible for setting the direction of the company in Information Technology Consulting, Sales and Marketing, Commercial & Government Business Development, and Community Outreach. 
At KEI, Amin currently serves as a Board Member and the Secretary. He firmly believes in quality education as a panacea for solving social issues and has a deep passion and interest in bringing quality education to the masses, especially to less-fortunate in global communities.