Elayne McCabe


Elayne McCabe is an ethnographic filmmaker from Salem, Massachusetts. Since 2008 she has spent twenty months living in Srinagar, Kashmir researching and filming her first feature-length film Kasheer about how local artists are engaging Kashmir's "conflict system" in their creative processes. She also traveled extensively around the valley filming heritage architecture, handicraft production, and traditional music. Kasheer, which is currently in post-poduction, examines contemporary Kashmiri art and culture over winter, spring, summer and autumn. In 2012, she created a short documentary about KEI's scholarship program which highlights the academic achievements and career aspirations of three KEI scholars. Elayne was also a Fulbright scholar to Jakarta, Indonesia where she researched contemporary Indonesian cinema. She is an alumnus of Boston College and recently earned her MA in peacebuilding studies at Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her thesis titled "Crafting Darkness into Light: Artists as Peacebuilders in Northern Ireland" examined how local artists are creating artworks that serve as platforms for transformative dialogue in Northern Ireland's divided society.