Prof. M A Sofi

M A Sofi is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Mathematics at Kashmir University and is  also working as Adjunct Faculty at Central University of  Kashmir, Srinagar. Having graduated from Kashmir University, he studied mathematics at Aligarh  Muslim University followed by  doctoral work which he carried out at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and post doctoral fellowship at the university of Kiel, Germany.  He started his teaching career at AMU, Aligarh in1981where he taught for 10 years and then joined Kashmir University, Srinagar as professor where he continues to work, now as Professor Emeritus. Besides teaching and research, Prof. Sofi has also contributed in the corporate life of the university  in various administrative capacities including as Head of the Maths. Dept, Dean, Faculty of   Science, Dean Academic Affairs, apart from officiating as vice chancellor at Kashmir University, Srinagar from time to time. On the basis of his vast experience both in teaching and administration, his services have also been engaged as an adviser/expert member on various panels of the UPSC, NBHM (National Board for Higher Mathematics, UGC, DST. He enjoys travelling and has visited  a number of universities and certain premier centers of excellence in mathematical research both in India and  abroad to deliver lectures there .

Prof. Sofi has been involved in outreach activities involving education in general and math. education in particular by way of lectures/talks delivered to students coming from different educational backgrounds including schools, colleges and universities besides professional colleges. Apart from this, he has been writing regularly in local/national dailies about certain contemporary issues pertaining mainly to education and other social issues. As part of this outreach endeavor, he has also organized several academic events including conferences, symposia, schools and workshops both on pedagogy and research for the benefit of students, teachers and research workers at KU and elsewhere. An avid advocate of high quality education in our institutions of learning, he believes in building close relationships through outreach and mentorship based on intellectual engagement between faculty and the students.

His research work is in the general area of functional analysis which has occupied him since his first encounter with the world of serious mathematics during his doctoral program at IIT Kanpur. Besides research, he loves teaching and for him the idea of good teaching entails the commitment  to share the excitement of learning and knowledge with the student. He is also a recipient of the Ramanujan Prize, 2009