Excellence in Science Scholarship for Graduate Studies


The KEI Excellence in Science Scholarship (KEISS) is a merit and need based award that is granted to academically outstanding students at masters level in the basic sciences or at undergraduate or graduate levels in engineering, medicine and applied sciences. This award assists the students in the pursuit of their M.S/ Ph.D. degrees in the United States. The award comes with financial and informational support components. The financial provision of this scholarship goes directly towards sponsoring the attempts of deserving talented students to secure admissions in PhD programs in the United States. The informational component of this award guides talented students (irrespective of their financial situation) in the application process for securing admissions. This program encourages students to explore quality education opportunities internationally and  aims to groom prospective faculty for institutions of higher learning in Kashmir. It seeks to encourage more students to join the diaspora of Kashmiris in academics, thus enriching their personal experiences as well as enriching educational and social outlook in the broader community. It looks to broaden the perspective on education amongst the students and diversify the expertise and talent in Kashmir. Besides, this project can have internal capacity building benefits for KEI since successfully sponsored students will potentially give back soon.

Application Process

Applications for the award are invited from talented students with a proven academic record. Science students in their MSc 1st and 2nd year are eligible. Engineering students in their III year and beyond and M.Tech can apply. The entire application procedure entails the following requirements

  1. Attested copy of first and last page of valid passport.
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Attested copy of mark sheets for all years of Std. XII, B.Sc and M.Sc. (NET, GATE and other test scores may also be included if taken).
  4. Attested copies of certificates and documents in support of listed achievements.
  5. A one page Statement of Purpose, talking about the students interest in the intended field of study

Mechanism of Selection and Support

A panel of three experts in the respective fields review the contents of the application of the candidates. The reviews will be done independently so that the students get a fair assessment. The final grades will be the cumulative of all the reviews and the selection will be based on those rankings. For this purpose,a database of panel of experts in different fields has been created. Based on the results of this ranking, every year a fixed number of students are sponsored (based on the budget decisions every year).

KEI will cover the cost of mandatory standardised tests (GRE, TOEFL etc) entirely and fund the application fee for up to five universities. Cash payments are not made to the student during the application procedure. Expenses such as GRE and TOEFL registration or university application fees are paid online for students directly by KEI. In order to ensure serious post-nomination effort by the students, KEI pays for the tests in steps. For example, students who get good grades (as recommended by most universities) in GRE will be supported for TOEFL, and students who score well in both the tests will be supported for the application fees of universities. Students who don't score well on one step will not be supported for the next step.

Besides the financial assistance for standardized tests and university application fees, the awardees will benefit from being attached to a mentor who is a specialist in the field of their academic interest. The students will be guided throughout the application process.

The award and its benefits are valid for a period of maximum two years from the date of award. Students must take the exams and apply for admission within this time. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify the student from the award. Under extenuating situations, the student may request an extension of the award benefits. However, they have to formally request the committee and the final decision will be taken on a case-by-case basis after assessing the request.


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