Iqbal Memorial Trust

Kashmir Education Initiative has collaborated with Iqbal Memorial Trust (IMT) in various aspects of the the High School Scholarships. In the past this included collaboration on standardized tests, throughout Kashmir, for selection of students into the program.

1947 Partition Archive

We partnered with the 1947 Partition Archive to conduct workshops on videography and storytelling in Kashmir. Subsequently, KEI scholars who participated in the workshops collected stories and contributed these to the archive.

Kashmir Corps

Kashmir Education Initiative collaborated with Kashmir Corps during the summer of 2010 to send a student volunteer to Kashmir from USA. The student conducted in-depth surveys to collect data from KEI's scholars in collaboration with local staff. This data was an input to KEI's program development.

HELP Foundation

KEI is collaborating with HELP Foundation post 2014 floods on a project targeted towards intervention in education sector.

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